Ok, So You Need a Financial Planner... How to Hire One

Ok, So You Need a Financial Planner… How to Hire One


By: Bill Cardwell, CFP® ChFC

Financial Adviser

Well, you clicked on this article, so I think I have a general idea of one of the questions going through your head, “How will I know when I need a financial planner?”  The answer to that question isn’t really that simple, but can be boiled down to a handful of reasons:

  1. You have little or no experience with finances, investments, or planning.

  2. You don’t really want to do your financial planning on your own.

  3. You want an objective unbiased opinion of your personal situation.

  4. Your situation is finally complex enough that you need outside advice.

  5. You simply don’t have the time to do it yourself.


Basically, no one needs to go through this process alone.  Myself, and many other qualified advisers are here to help guide you through what will be some of the most important decisions during your lifetime.  The only thing you need to do is find the right adviser for you.


Now What?!?

Alright, now that we have established the fact that you might be in the market for you very own financial planner, how do you go about finding the right one for you?  Of course, everyone’s financial situation is different and no one financial planner fits all, so what are the important factors when selecting the best financial planner for you?

  • Competence - Find a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)– a CFP® Professional is someone that has done extensive coursework, has experience, and a focus on continuing his or her education to maximize the relationship with potential clients.  Does having a CFP® designation automatically mean the person is a great adviser?  Absolutely not, but this mixed in with the other traits to look for will give a sound foundation in your selection process
  • Experience - Do they have experience in working with someone like you, or someone in your specific life stage.  Ask your friends who they use, or ask a prospective adviser who they usually work with.
  • Clarity and Objectivity - He or She should have a clear client relationship process that they can easily articulate.  Someone that can deliver advice and services that they truly believe in, not just a good salesmen selling a product for a commission.
  • Personality, Integrity, and “Fit” - Most importantly, find someone that you feel comfortable with.  Through the course of your relationship, you will be telling your adviser very personal, and very specific information about your financial situation.  Finding an adviser that is upfront, honest, and realistic about what you can expect when you utilize them for you financial services is an absolute must!


At the end of the day, if I could sum this article up in one phrase I would say this:  Choose someone that you would feel comfortable with being on your team.  Select the adviser that you feel could best help you build the life of your dreams, free from the stress and anxiety about money.  If you would like some more information on me, feel free to like our Facebook page, or connect on LinkedIn.


Bill Cardwell, CFP® ChFC / President of Aurora Financial Strategies

Bill Cardwell is the founder and President of Aurora Financial Strategies, a financial advisor practice based out of Kokomo, Indiana.  He can be reached at billy@billycardwell.com or by calling (765)438-4682.  Advisory Services are offered through Creative Financial Designs, Inc., A Registered Investment Advisor, and Securities are offered through cfd Investments, Inc, a Registered Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA & SIPC.  Aurora Financial Strategies is not Owned or Operated by the CFD companies