About Aurora Financial 

Aurora Financial Strategies is an independent financial advisory team committed to helping our friends, family members, clients, and other members of our community create the life of their dreams, free from anxiety and stress about money.  We are fully committed and have made it our driving purpose to prove this to our clients each and every day.  This is best exemplified in Aurora Financial Strategies’ Values, which are:

  • To Always Put the Client's Needs First

  • Be Honest and Upfront in Everything we Communicate to Clients

  • Recommend the Right Strategy for Each Client's Unique Situation

  • Never Turn Anyone Away that May Benefit From Our Services and Programs

Let's be honest, making decisions about your financial future are some of the most important decisions you are ever going to make.  We believe the person you choose to assist you in those decisions should be someone you trust and respect. At Aurora Financial Strategies, we pride ourselves on taking time to learn and understand each client's unique needs or goals, and then help them build a plan to reach them.  

As an independent firm, Aurora Financial is free from sales quotas and product placements and can serve clients in the manner that best suits their individual needs.  In an ever changing investment landscape, having a wide-array of financial and insurance products available are key in creating each client’s individually developed financial plan.  We look forward to sitting down and learning more about how we can take the stress out of investing and guide you to financial freedom.